First Birthday Celebration

We celebrate our first birthday (First Sunday of September) on Sunday 6th September 2015.

You and your family are cordially invited to the 1st Birthday Celebration of u21church on Sunday 6th September 2015.

Come celebrate this time with us as we celebrate the first year of u21church – COOL YOUTH CHURCH in the heart of the CITY at Albert Park, Durban for all of GOD’s children. (See attached)

Time: 09h30 for 10h00

DMS Auditorium
21 Esplanade Avenue (off Diakonia/St. Andrews Street)
Albert Park

Please RSVP by Tuesday 1st September 2015 for catering purposes.

u21church invite Birthday Celbrationu21church – COOL Youth Church

Pastor Gavin

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Only One

My child… I’ve often heard your question….and this message is my answer….hear me well:

You’re concerned about the hungry world, the millions who are starving….and you ask,

“What can only one do?”
….Feed one….

You grieve for all the unborn children murdered everyday….and you ask,

“What can only one do?”
….Save one….

You’re haunted by the homeless souls who wander city streets….and you ask,

“What can only one do?”
….Shelter one….

You weep for those who suffer pain, disease and hopelessness….and you ask,

“What can only one do?”
….Comfort one….

You heart aches for the lonely, the imprisoned, the abused…and you ask,

“What can only one do?”
….Love one….

Remember this, my child…two thousand years ago, the world was filled, just as it is today, with those in need…and when the helpless and the hopeless cried out to me for mercy,

I sent a Saviour…
Hope began…with only one….

Author unknown

u21church – COOL Youth Church

Pastor Gavin

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What can I do……..Support u21church

Give children love, joy, and hope while developing their gifts, so that they grow up as successful leaders in business and their community.

The Church has a vital role to play within a community, and must be actively involved in its future by encouraging government, and business to work together for the purpose of enhancing the living conditions of its children, and offering the children a better future.

u21Church will encourage the children in the Albert Park community and beyond to believe in JESUS CHRIST and accept the LOVE and GRACE of our LORD by caring and guiding them in the right direction of life, so that they never feel alone, and are encouraged to grow in character, and develop their gifts so that they too can make a difference in the community and beyond.

u21church children (COOL KIDS) will grow up knowing the blessing of GOD, and would have developed the gifts and continue serving in their church, community, business or government.

u21church Albert Park is the first site of many to come in the city of Durban and beyond. We encourage children to use the park to play and enjoy sport. We will assist where possible feeding programs and other support programs in place in Albert Park community to uplift the living conditions and social needs of the children of this City area.

We call upon your support.
You are welcome to sponsor u21church financially, and also by serving in the ministry.

Banking Details: FNB – Durban North Account Holder: u21church
Account Number: 62493070925 Branch Code: 220426
Please send us: email notification of blessing:

Bless you. Leadership TEAM

u21church – COOL Youth Church
Pastor Gavin B Ferrier – Mobile: +27 71 471 7111

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