Sunday Service 6th March 2016 at u21church

WOW!!! once again an awesome time of worship and receiving WORD from GOD was shared with our COOL KIDS.

GOD has called us as HIS CHILDREN to LOVE each other and call for peace in South Africa. Friends in South Africa let us embrace this message of LOVE that GOD has given us and not let racism tear our nation apart.



Early this morning while I was spending time with GOD on North Beach pier Durban standing out in the ocean GOD introduced me to Rafik Bhayat who confirmed my message from GOD. “By the grace and mercy of GOD we need to pray for peace in South Africa, and call upon each child of GOD to pray and seek the blessing of LOVE, which we must share with each other.


Pastor Gavin & Rafik Bhayat

Friends LOVE has no colour, division, separation as it is filled with the passion to care, share, and embrace JOY and LIFE filled with Truth, Trust and Thanks being LOVE.

There is no place for racism in LOVE.

Nozuko of UBUNTU Community Network presented u21church with a certificate of appreciation as we have assisted with sponsorship for them to daily feed the children in Albert Park. We trust that GOD will make it possible for us to continue sponsoring these type of community projects of feeding and caring for children.

Umbuntu Community Network Systems Certificate of appreciation


COOL with us.
Pastor Gavin.


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