We call all Children to JESUS

We have a mandate from GOD to take care of HIS CHILDREN.

u21church is a unique Church that invites CHILDREN to come to JESUS as their LORD and SAVIOUR and where adults come to serve.

u21church will continue bringing Children to JESUS, and allowing Children the freedom to accept JESUS CHRIST as their LORD and Saviour.

We believe that the future of the world is in the hands of GOD who guides HIS CHILDREN to solve the mess we as adults have made using our gift of free will.

Friends sadly many leaders in the Church have lost direction by not having Children’s Ministry, and secondly making it a little off spring ministry to take care of the children so that parents can go to church. (SEE ATTACHED)

Friends we need to turn the CHURCH upside down and make CHILDREN the focus of the CHURCH and work by FAITH, and not allowing tithes and offering being our main focus to fund these large adult churches doing feel good services. Children are the core foundation of the CHURCH and we must build the CHURCH with CHILDREN as directed by GOD.

May the LORD GOD guide us in HIS TRUTH daily.

COOL with us.
Pastor Gavin

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