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Give children love, joy, and hope while developing their gifts, so that they grow up as successful leaders in business and their community.

The Church has a vital role to play within a community, and must be actively involved in its future by encouraging government, and business to work together for the purpose of enhancing the living conditions of its children, and offering the children a better future.

u21Church will encourage the children in the Albert Park community and beyond to believe in JESUS CHRIST and accept the LOVE and GRACE of our LORD by caring and guiding them in the right direction of life, so that they never feel alone, and are encouraged to grow in character, and develop their gifts so that they too can make a difference in the community and beyond.

u21church children will grow up knowing the blessing of GOD, and would have developed the gifts and continue serving in their church, community, business or government.

u21church Albert Park is the first site of many to come in the city of Durban and beyond.

We would also like to address poverty and welfare needs in the area. We would like to have feeding programs (soup kitchen’s), and other support programs in place to uplift the living conditions and social needs of the children of this City area.


We call upon your support.

You are welcome to sponsor u21church financially, and also by serving in the ministry.

Banking Details: FNB – Durban North

Account Holder: u21church
Account Number: 62493070925 Branch Code: 220426

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Gavin Bruce Ferrier

Email: Mobile: +27714717111

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