Friends, we can change our future by placing our CHILDREN 1st.

Help us achieve this by networking and engaging in dialogue with us and others who share our vision and mission of changing our communities, towns, cities, countries to place our CHILDREN 1st in all we do.

GOD created us all as HIS CHILDREN, and we are blessed with free WILL to obey HIS instruction to LOVE.


“Redesign and develop our world with “CHILDREN 1st” in mind”


Engage in dialogue and network with all role players in government, civic society, social and welfare organisations, residence, business, and youth to be part of this dialogue make “CHILDREN 1st” a reality.

Partner with us.

Your support is truly appreciated and we look forward to a long blessed relationship with you and your organisation.

  1. Engage in dialogue with us and invite others to join us.
  2. Share your network of influence with us to open doors of opportunity for “CHILDREN 1st”
  3. Share your organisation expertise and resources with us to help “CHILDREN 1st” become a reality.
  4. Voluntary your time to serve in this vision & mission of “CHILDREN 1st”
  5. Provide much needed financial support to achieve this vision & mission of “CHILDREN 1st”


Account Holder: u21church

Bank: FNB

Bank Branch: Durban North

Branch Code: 220426

Account Number: 62493070925


Bless you, for reading through this call for your help, and trust that you will partner with us, and let us make “CHILDREN 1st” a reality changing our future in the best interests of all CHILDREN.

GOD Bless

Pastor Gavin