Individual Sponsors

u21church is blessed by the following individual sponsors of this “COOL Youth Church” ministry that GOD has called us to serve and lead for HIS GLORY. By the kindness of these sponsors we are able to provide for the needs of u21church and youth ministries we support.


The Atkinson’s

Madhu Patel

Rob & Lizzy Corden

Claudell, Vanessa, Jennifer, Lindi & Catherine – Staff at Freshhair

Denver & Lorraine Dorasamy

Paul Myers & Family

John & Amanda Farndell

Norman Naidoo & Family

Naomi Du Plessis & family

Terrance Lutchman & family

Terry Naidoo & family 

Humza Islam & Family

Rob Dubock & Family

Renee Laing & Family

Kim Matthews & Family

Dave & Jenny Potgieter & Family

Aldo & Zelda Botha & Family

Gavin & Cheryl Ferrier & Family

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We welcome your donations and sponsorship into this ministry, which helps us share the Gospel to all of GOD’s children and fund various events hosted and other youth ministries we support.

u21church TEAM

We thank the u21church TEAM for all your support, and personal sponsorship into u21church.

COOL with us.

Gavin & Cheryl.

Thank You as every seed sowed delivers a harvest.


“Christ Our Only Lord”

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